Labor Only

Labor Only

Often, all you might need is a little bit of muscle and experience. Whether you’re just moving items around the house or you need a rental truck or POD loaded, we can help! When you hire First Due’s labor-only service, you can expect a professional team equipped with the necessary materials and tools for your project.

We can handle furniture and mattress protection, dismantling and reassembling furniture, loading, securing in place, unloading, and much more. Although our labor-only moving service doesn’t include a truck, we’ll be ready to handle whatever moving-related tasks you have ready for us.


Some common tasks include:

  • Loading or unloading PODS, rental trucks, and trailers
  • Rearranging or moving furniture within a home
  • Moving a residence from one apartment to another, within the same building

For a full-service moving option that includes the truck and transport of your items, please see residential move or commercial moves.

We founded our business with the goal of changing the way people think about the moving industry. We know trust is everything. Our approach is simple—hire the best people, furnish them with the best equipment, and forge a training program that was unheard of in the industry. Learn more about our history here.