The First Due Difference

The First Due Difference

The First Due Difference

Who We Are

First Due Movers is a team of professionals that work hard and do things right the first time. Moving can be stressful and our customers deserve 100% of our effort. We are here to save people from one of those moving horror stories.

What We Do

“Stress-free, from start to finish” – Our ultimate goal for every move starts here. Through our multitude of services and the hard work and experience of our team, we can take what is traditionally seen as a stressful process and turn it into a smooth and exciting experience for our customers.

Why We Do It

Let’s face it, pretty much everyone can agree that moving can be a task and a half. Let us change moving for the better.

Our Signature Process

Transparent and Accurate Estimates

In 2020, First Due came in roughly 10% under the estimated moving cost on average. We take pride in the experience of our estimators who err on the side of caution. Our philosophy is to prepare for worst-case scenario but shoot to have your move completed as efficiently as possible. We also know that getting the most accurate estimate requires us to see the items and the home first-hand, that’s why we always prefer on-site or virtual estimates even though they require a little more time.

Quality Check

Throughout each and every move with First Due Movers, we will perform several walkthroughs with our customer, provided the customer is available. At the pick up location we do walkthroughs to ensure that we have fulfilled our customers requests and to double-check that no items are being left behind. At the drop off location we walk room-by-room with the customer to make certain that furniture is arranged to their liking and that all other items and boxes are placed in the proper rooms. Walkthroughs are crucial to the success of any move and ultimately ensures happy customers.

Professional On-Time Arrival

That’s right – the first step is to show up to your job on-time and ready to go. You’ll receive a text message or a phone call when we’re headed your way, and another one upon our arrival. This will give you some time to prepare before we show up.

Furniture Protection

Proper furniture protection is vital, regardless if you’re moving a couple states away or just a couple miles. We care about your possessions and that is why we protect your furniture 360-degrees with thick professional moving blankets and then shrink wrap to hold them in place. We do this before the furniture even leaves the room so that your furniture is safe while navigating your home and during transport.

First Due Movers: Assembly/Dissembly

We will be prepared to disassemble just about any piece of furniture that you have. Beds, desks, dining tables, and more. We also reassemble everything back to the way we found it so you can rest easy knowing that your new place will feel just like home.

First Due Movers: Mattress Protection
Mattress Protection

Shrink wrap doesn’t quite cut it and we know how long it may have taken to find that perfect mattress. That’s why all mattresses and their accompanying box springs will be placed into tough 4-mil commercial mattress bags. This will keep your mattresses clean and safe from the elements.

First Due Movers: Home Office Protection
Home/Office Protection

Whether you’re moving out of the house or into it, the need for protecting it stands.We begin all moves by laying heavy-duty floor runners throughout the house and placing blankets over railings. On top of that, the method we use to wrap furniture also helps protect every wall throughout the house.

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Moving can be stressful and intimidating. That’s why we are here to help any way we can!


Our On Demand service is designed for small jobs, including furniture delivery, labor-only, and haul-away.