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Introducing our Long Distance moving services extending from Seattle and beyond, offering high-quality, reliable packing and transportation solutions for the residential and commercial sectors in Washington state.

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Seattle’s Professional Long Distance Moving Company

People today are moving long distance to relocate their homes and businesses – but many long-haul companies are still taking shortcuts in their services. Issues with outsourced labor, sharing vehicles, and vague arrival schedules can all add to the stress of relocating. Choosing our high-quality and professional services guarantees your belongings arrive securely and on time for your next cross-country relocation.

The First Due Movers 6 Point Promise

1. We Choose The Right Men for The Job!

Our movers are always ready to go the extra mile for our clients, which is why the same crew will greet you from start to finish during your long distance moving services.

2. Trust Our Professional Team

We pride ourselves on sourcing and retaining the best long distance movers Seattle offers in the industry, avoiding the risks of outsourced contractors or temporary labor. Our focus on staff retention ensures we can regularly verify and assess the expertise of our team, ensuring your service meets regulations and industry standards.

3. From Point A to B, With No Detours

The First Due Movers no-detour policy guarantees our Seattle long distance moving company staff stay on the route, meaning your possessions get where they need to be at the right moving date. This includes no off-loading at warehouses, swapping goods between multiple vehicles, truck sharing with other customers, and pickups or drop-offs along the way.

4. We Commit to Delivery Dates

We understand how difficult aligning all the elements of a cross-country move can be. Timing is everything when planning a Long-Distance move, so we understand how important it is to stick to your schedule. From the moment your estimate is signed, we will work together to schedule every detail and appointment of your service. From load day to delivery, our timeline is a promise you can count on. 

5. Our Quality Assurance

Walk-throughs are a crucial part of our long distance moving services, available to all customers at  pickup and drop-off. We create a detailed plan for your property, noting all obstacles and special requests. Room-by-room service is also available to assist with furniture placement at your final destination.

6. One Point of Communication

All communication during your move is handled directly by a member of the First Due Team, starting with notification of our arrival at your pickup location to updates on the road and when we are close to your arrival destination. You can trust our moving company to do a good job.

Seattle Long Distance Moving Company to Start Your New Chapter

The start of your new life begins with packing up your old one. Relocating cross-country can be a daunting experience, which is why you need a professional moving company to ensure your belongings arrive safely at your new home. When considering Seattle long distance moving companies, it’s essential to choose one that uses innovative solutions to keep your items secure and damage-free for every mile they cover. Offering experienced furniture assembly and removals, professional packing services, home walkthroughs, and a record of your full inventory, a reliable mover ensures that the transition to your new residence is seamless. And all this is provided at a reasonable price.

Five-Star Long Distance Moving Services

We’re on a mission to change how people think about the moving industry. Our high-quality feedback reflects the First Due Movers’ ongoing commitment to five-star service for the Seattle community and beyond. Here is a review from a customer who used our services to move out of state. “We have used First Due for MANY local moves, and they have always been fantastic. I was thrilled when I found out they did long-haul moves. We hired them for our move from Seattle to Phoenix, and they were worth every penny. They have a wonderful crew, and we would recommend them time and time again.” Read more.

Long Distance Moves For Seattle’s Commercial Sector

With over 12 years of experience working with the commercial sector, we’ve developed a knowledge and expertise that sets us apart in the moving industry, ensuring the safe transit of your commercial goods. If you are relocating offices, or opening a new location in a different state, or starting something new – you can avoid any speed bumps along the way with the help of our professional team. Furniture dismantling and removals, durable product wrapping, and detailed inventories are included in all of our commercial moves.

Five-Star Feedback From Our Commerical Clients

With a 4.9 rating on Google, we’re one of the top-rated moving companies in the Seattle and Washington area. Here is a review from one of our commercial clients. “First Due is a professional and kind delivery and receiving team. As a company, we have worked with them for almost 2 years, and they have always treated our clients and their products with great care. Management is solution based and very communicative when needed. We value what the people and what they offer as a company.” Read more.

Innovative Commercial and Logistic Services

Our long distance moving company is proud to offer third-party logistics to the commercial sectors of Seattle and beyond, working as your end-to-end partner to deliver timely, cost-effective solutions. As our distribution partner, you can take advantage of thorough inspections, secure storage (in a climate-controlled facility), and shipments to 48 states by a professional team of moving experts.

Professional Packing and Storage Solutions

The First Due Mover’s professional packing technique has been proven to protect even the most fragile of items, tried and tested by our expert team over many moves and miles traveled. We pride ourselves on our track record of success, with items arriving safely to their new destination damage free. Our long distance moving company is here to serve you.

Supplying Seattle With High-Quality Moving and Packing Materials

Avoid risks of damage with low-grade packing materials by protecting your most valuable possessions with wrapping paper, tape, and boxes approved by the experts at First Due Movers. Our moving supplies are designed to secure and protect many types of office equipment home furnishing, and with delivery and drop-off included in our services. You can contact us directly to find out more. Additionally, as one of the leading Seattle long distance moving companies, we ensure a seamless relocation experience whether you’re moving across the city or across the country.

Eco-Friendly Fireboxes

Fireboxes are our eco-friendly, space-saving solution to packing valuables – offering strong, easy storage in a stackable structure for safe and convenient storage. We can also arrange a convenient delivery and pick up at your preference.

Long-lasting Cardboard Boxes

If you’re not planning to unpack immediately on arrival, our range of cardboard boxes is the durable option to combat the challenges of storage and bumps on transit to your destination. , Providing ultimate protection for your belongings, and available in various sizes to suit a range of packing requirements.

Reusable Wardrobe Boxes

Discover wrinkle-free clothes on arrival before you’ve even unpacked the steam iron! We supply plastic wardrobe boxes on the day of your move and arrange for a team member to assist with the loading of personal and work-related clothing.

Our Full Range of Packing Supplies

After many years of working with residential and commercial customers across Seattle, we have built a comprehensive list of all the packing essentials you’ll need for a cross-country move.

  • Packing tape
  • Painters tape
  • Mattress bags
  • Dish packs
  • Picture boxes
  • Wine boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Disposable furniture pads
  • Moisture-preventative padded paper
  • Ratchet straps

The Long Distance Moving Company Seattle Trust For Transparent Pricing

We pride ourselves on offering clear transparency in pricing and fees to our customers. All long-distance moves are charged at a flat rate when exceeding 55 miles or more, calculated by the mileage of the move and the volume of goods transported. We can also schedule a free onsite estimate to determine the fees and discuss any additional requirements accurately. Contact a representative or fill in our contact form to get started.

FAQ: Your questions answered:

In most cases, no. Anything that can be packed in a box should be. Moving dressers with contents inside can negatively affect the structural integrity of the piece in question.

As packing professionals, assembly is a key part of what we do! Our crew arrives equipped with the tools to dismantle and assemble a range of furniture, such as beds, tables, office desks, and even exercise equipment! However, please note we cannot dismantle ‘Murphy beds’ or remove them from any wall fittings.

With over 12 years of experience in the moving industry, we’ve learned many strategies for protecting your belongings while maintaining optimum efficiency when packing, loading, and assembling items. Our team uses only the highest-quality protective neoprene floor runners and professional-grade moving blankets to reduce the risk of damage to your property.

We’ve trained our staff on the latest industry guidelines for enhanced protection and security during packing, using high-quality materials to wrap and store your items for secure transit:

  • We protect mattresses and box springs with commercial-grade 5-mil plastic mattress bags.
  • Use professional-grade moving blankets for all furniture items when necessary.
  • Shrink-wrapped items to secure them in place and provide protection from the elements.

Our team can move most appliances, but we will not disconnect or reconnect any water or gas lines that may be connected to the appliances Examples of these include washing machines, refrigerators, freezers (for water lines), dryers, stoves, and grills.

Many home stereo and media units are set up in specific ways which require expertise or knowledge to dismantle and build during installation. Although we can assist with the disconnection of wiring for stereo equipment, TVs, and other home entertainment devices, we are unable to offer assistance in the setup at your arrival destination. This also applies to the removal of wall-mounted screens and televisions.

Due to safety reasons, there are certain items we cannot accept in our transport services. In these cases, we may ask you to empty or remove specific parts to make it safer for transit:

  • Any gas-powered items such as lawnmowers or generators. These will need to be drained of fuel before using our transportation services.
  • Storage tanks for hazardous chemicals or combustible items, such as propane, gasoline, or paint.
  • Firearms and ammunition are prohibited for transportation with First Due Movers. Gun safes must be emptied before using our services.
  • We do not currently offer car transportation.

Moving cross-country can be an exciting time, so we understand that some of our customers enjoy being involved in the process, creating memories of their first steps toward their next venture. Our team is happy to work with customers who want to get involved with the moving process; however, we are unable to “team-lift” objects or welcome customers inside of our vehicles and on the liftgate for safety reasons.

Let’s Change Long Distance Moving Companies in Seattle For The Better

Founded by three Firefighters from Seattle’s Eastside, First Due Movers is committed to maintaining the fire service’s high standards, including offering attention to detail, professionalism, and a dedication to serving their community. We’ve built a team of employees with a wealth of experience from all sectors, including volunteer firefighters or EMTs, all sharing the same ethos in safety, high-quality experience, and providing punctual service. Additionally, as one of the prominent Seattle long distance moving companies, we extend our ethos of excellence to ensure a smooth and secure long-distance moving experience for our clients.

Stress-free Moves, From Start to Finish

Our goal for every move is to minimize stress for our customers from pickup to arrival. As the prominent long distance movers Seattle depends on, you can trust First Due Movers will provide a smooth, long-distance move, using our team’s expertise and many high-quality services to save you from any moving horror stories! To find out more about our extensive range of services, including local moves, labor hire, on-demand delivery, and more, visit our service pages.

Get a Free Estimate on Your Long-distance Move From Seattle

Whether you’re beginning a new chapter interstate, or expanding your business nationwide, partnering with the First Due team will guarantee a smooth start to your next venture. Contact us today for your free estimate on our long-distance moving service, including assistance in assembly, packing, and supply of materials. We’ll work with you to ensure you have everything you need for a stress-free relocation.