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The First Due Movers team has been supporting the moving needs of Washington since 2009, offering personalized relocation services to residential and commercial customers across Renton.

Discover Our Comprehensive Moving Services

Our former fighter relocation experts are dedicated to keeping our community moving, whether you’re upsizing family homes or starting new business ventures. We understand no move is the same, so our services cover all the critical aspects of relocations, with customizable moving packages to prepare for any obstacles!

First Due Movers: Local Moves

Partner with us for your:

  • Residential Moves
  • Commercial Moves
  • Apartment Moves
  • Long-Distance Moves
  • Professional Packing Services
  • Furniture Donation/Disposal Moving Supplies
  • Moving Supplies

High-Quality Moving Packages

Customize your package to suit your needs and schedule, or choose our full comprehensive moving service, with optional damage-free furniture assembly, professional packing, and a supply of high-quality materials.

Six Reasons To Choose Our Renton Professional Moving Company

The First Due Movers 6 Point Promise sets a standard of quality expected of our team, ensuring the high standard we aim to maintain and deliver as Washington’s professional moving company.

1. One Dedicated Moving Team

Our customer care team matches the unique needs of your move to professionals most suited to the job, supporting you through every step of the moving process and working with the same personnel from start to finish.

2. Working With The Best Movers In Washington

We don’t work with temporary labor or third-party contracts, as our professionals are already on the books! With continued focus on staff development and well-being incentives, our dedication to employee retention means we work with some of the best movers across Washington, bringing skill and professionalism for a high-quality experience. 

3. Reliable and Punctual Moving Services

Applying a strict no-detour policy to all local, long-distance moves and everywhere in between, we avoid unnecessary delays, complications, and stress of getting behind schedule. Our drivers stay en route in one allocated vehicle without needing to off-load at warehouses or share vehicles with other customers.

4. Adapted to Your Schedule

Scheduling is essential for a successful moving day, aligning every crucial element at the right time. From packing, unloading, and handing over keys to time spent on the road, we’ll do our best to work around your schedule, with regular communication to update you every step of the way.

5. Safety-Focused Move

From detailed walk-throughs to a comprehensive inventory app, we prioritize safety in the moving process. Our professional planning team creates a unique overview of your property, including all obstacles, special requests, potential hazards, and delicate items to your personalized moving plan and inventory to minimize risk and complications. 

6. Commitment to Communication

Honesty and integrity are an essential part of what we do – helping to build the trust and reputation we pride ourselves on as Rention’s professional moving team. Using clear invoicing and frequent communication throughout the move, we ensure you’re always the first person to receive updates and make critical decisions relevant to your services with us. 

Discover the Moving Dynamic Duo

“The dynamic duo from Firstdue Moving was amazing! They were respectful, attentive, and efficient. They wrapped furniture in protective film and then moved it with great care. The walls in our new home were unscathed. They rolled out a protective red carpet to protect our flooring. Amazing! Highly recommend this company!” – John 

The Trusted Renton Moving Company

Our professional moving services are renowned for a customer-focused approach, strict safety criteria, and a punctual delivery schedule. As a professional moving company, we offer a reliable and high-quality service from start to finish, with free-onsite estimates for clear, transparent pricing and regular communications with our team during the day. Choose one of our comprehensive moving packages for your residential or commercial move in Renton.

Your Home’s Residential Moving Company

Although a home move can be an exciting new chapter for all the family, the moving process is often daunting. We take the stress out of residential relocation for Renton, ensuring all crucial aspects of your move align for an efficient, damage-free transition. Our fire-fighter roots equip us with the local knowledge to avoid delays and complications on a moving day, helping us to navigate Washington’s narrow apartment blocks and busy road networks in the Renton area. As one of the leading Renton moving companies, we understand the area’s unique challenges. Our premier Renton moving company position ensures your relocation is smooth and worry-free.

Hire The Best Renton Moving Companies For Businesses

The First Due Movers team has been working with commercial sectors across Washington for over ten years, supporting distribution, logistics, and upscaling of small to large-sized businesses across the state. Our customized moving packages are developed to meet the needs of business operations in Renton, providing secure, punctual shipment of items and specialized equipment with a dedicated inventory app, detailed walkthrough, on-site estimates, and storage facilities for safe transit of commercial goods.

Storage With A Leading Logistical Network For Your Next Move

The First Due Move team connects commercial businesses with third-party logistics across Renton and beyond, working as your trusted end-to-end partner to deliver timely, cost-effective solutions. As part of our distribution network, your business will have access to secure storage in a climate-controlled facility, thorough inspections, and reliable shipments to 48 states by professional moving experts. As one of the leading Renton moving companies, we provide unparalleled service in commercial relocation. Our position as a premier Renton moving company ensures your business’s needs are met precisely and carefully.

Moving Materials

Our moving supplies are sourced carefully to provide only high-quality, durable materials for securing items during transit. Find a range of relocation tools and equipment suitable for packing up offices and domestic residences.

  • Painters tape
  • Mattress bags
  • Dish packs
  • Picture boxes
  • Wine boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Disposable furniture pads
  • Moisture-preventative padded paper
  • Ratchet straps

Delivery and drop-off are included as standard. Contact us to place an order for your next Renton-based move.

Local Moving Experts

We’re the locally recommended moving experts for packing supplies, relocation services and logistical partnerships, and shipping equipment and furniture safely from point A to B. With a ‘Superb’ rating from Great Guy Movers and recommendations from local service providers, we’re the trusted team for a stress-free move.

Washington’s Firefighter Movers

Founded in 2010 by three former firefighters, First Due Movers brought 50 years of experience in fire service and 15 years of moving expertise to eliminate the stresses and poor customer experience of the relocation industry.

The First Due Movers Story

Our mission started across Washington, growing to the nationwide scale it is today. With the continued leadership and dedication of owners Jim, Joe, and Jeff and their FDM motto, ‘Firefighter Owned and Operated, ’ the commitment to high-quality services has successfully transformed an idea founded in a fire station into a 7-day-a-week operation!

First Due Movers: Packing

Advancements in Renton Home Moving Companies

As a nationwide moving operation, we’re committed to supporting the communities we support beyond moving and distribution services. Discover how we maintain our First Due Movers values, including activities and incentives to reduce our carbon footprint and support community work. Our moving companies specialize in various services, from local apartment relocations to long-distance moves. With our team of professional movers, you can trust that your move will be handled with care and efficiency. We pride ourselves on being a moving company that provides excellent moving services and contributes positively to the communities we serve.

  • Reducing our carbon footprint with electronic tablets and inventory apps
  • Supportive working environment, including medical benefits and flexible schedules to retain talented staff in the industry
  • On-going work with the community in furniture and clothes donations
  • Strong logistical partnerships with local providers in our FDM network
  • Company-owned vehicles and moving equipment for quality assurance
“The Team Here is a Close Group of Guys and Gals Where it Truly Feels Like a Brother/Sisterhood Environment”- Supervisor

Our reputation across the cities and towns of Washington is upheld by talented staff who continue to deliver 5-star service, including top-notch storage solutions, to residential and commercial customers across Renton. Learn more about the First Due Movers team, including how we invest in staff training and development to support employment opportunities across Renton and Washington. Read more.

Movers With Clear Pricing

As part of our commitment to offering stress-free moves for Renton residents, we apply a no-hassle pricing process for all our Renton moving services, maintaining clear and transparent invoicing with free-onsite estimations and itemized billing included. No matter your budget, we have a moving plan to suit your needs! Our Renton moving companies specialize in making the process as easy as possible, providing solutions like secure storage for your belongings and comprehensive services to pack your items with the utmost care. As a leading Renton moving company, we ensure your move is handled professionally and efficiently.

Further Payment Information

Payments can be made via American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Check. Out-of-state moves or long-distance relocations are charged at a flat for any journey over 55 miles or more as part of our commitment to consistency in pricing.

Choose The Renton Moving Company with 5-Star’s

Wherever you’re moving across town or relocating further out of state, starting a new chapter can be a complex and daunting task – so why not remove the unnecessary stress from the process?! Hand over your next Renton-based move to the trusted team of former firefighters and let the First Due Movers experts handle all the complications and heavy lifting of moving day! Our Renton moving services are designed to cater to all your needs, from securely packing your belongings in each box to providing temporary storage solutions for your items. As one of the leading Renton moving companies, you can relax knowing that we manage every aspect, including unpacking, so your first days in your new home are as seamless as possible.

Contact us to build your personalized moving plan with our professional team, including assembly, moving supplies, and packing services.

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