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Get ready for the journey ahead with our comprehensive long-distance moving services, designed to meet the complex needs of cross-country moves. We’re Sammamish’s trusted moving professionals providing residential and commercial services across Washington and cross-country, getting your belongings from point A to B safel

Going The Distance For Sammamish's Residents And Businesses

Residential Moves

Whether you’re a homeowner or ending an upcoming lease, your schedule is the most crucial aspect of a big move, especially when adding the extra miles of a cross-country relocation. Our long-distance moving services consider all aspects of the moving process, from property size for packing and unloading on arrival to handing over keys and contracts and keeping belongings secure during transit.

Personalize Your Long-Distance Move With First Due Movers

Build your long-distance residential move with our comprehensive moving packages, from detailed walk-throughs to help pack up your treasured belongings!

  • Detailed Walk-Throughs and Inspections
  • High-quality Packing Materials And Supplies
  • Professional Unloading and Reassembly Of Furniture
  • Furniture Donation And Disposal To Local Charities
  • Efficient Packing Services By Professional Team
  • Weather Resistant Moving Plans

Long-Haul Moves For Sammamish Businesses

Our commercial moving services set us apart in the industry, utilizing the expertise and knowledge of local networks, partnerships, and business needs to support growing start-ups to large-scale operations. Whether you’re expanding within state lines or moving your business cross-country, our reliable schedules and professional team can assist your move with minimal disruption.

Customize Your First Due Movers Plan For Commerical Requirements

With our personalized moving packages, we offer full transparency of your unique service plan, providing fully itemized invoices and schedules for clearer billing and staffing arrangements.

  • Nationwide Shipment (up to 48 states)
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Pre-moving inspections
  • Furniture Dismantling and Removal
  • Tried and Tested Packing Services
  • Detailed inventories via app-based software

Full-Service Long Distance Mover Sammamish Package

Partner with Washington’s white glove moving company, with a dedicated team that handles all small to large-scale relocations. We’ve worked with residents and commercial businesses across the North West in their out-of-state relocations, supporting the expansion of local companies with punctual office moves and helping families pack up for their next venture.

Supporting Our Local Community Through Long-Distance Moves

A cross-country relocation can be a great opportunity to start fresh and part with unwanted furniture! Our Furniture Donation and Disposal Services meet the growing demand for recycling and disposal requests for long-distance moving customers while supporting our local charities.

Support Communities With Your Next Move

Leave behind your unneeded clothing, furniture, and non-perishable food items to your First Due moving crew, and we’ll donate them for you, working with the following local charities in the Sammamish and Washington area. Learn more about our disposal service.

Sammamish Community’s NextDoor ™ Moving Favorite

Choose one of the top 1% of Sammamish businesses loved and recommended by locals for your long-distance move! We’re dedicated to serving the residents and businesses of the Sammamish and Washington regions, providing prompt response times and transparent pricing on all our moving services. If you’re looking for a high-quality relocation team, we’ve been Sammamish’s neighborhood favorite for two years running.*

*Voted Neighborhood Favorite in 2023 and 2022 in NextDoor neighborhood awards.

Our Satisfied Long Distance Movers In Sammamish!

“First Due Movers moved me from Sammamish to Eugene, Oregon. They did an amazing job, very careful and thorough. Every item that was moved to Oregon was carefully wrapped and packed with care. They showed up on time and kept me notified during their drive down and when they got into Eugene. The next morning, they showed up early, moved everything in, and set everything up. I also had them move some stuff into storage in Sammamish, which was wrapped with care, and a different crew moved it into storage.” – Andy Smith

Interested in our Sammamish-based moving services? Discover packing and storage solutions, locally, across Washington, and nationwide!

Closing The Gap In Long Haul Relocations For Sammamish

People across the US are more connected now than ever before, moving longer distances and expanding businesses further for new opportunities, relationships, and a fresh start. Unfortunately, many moving companies have yet to meet the growing needs of their customers, resulting in a low-quality service for cross-country relocations. From poor communication, unreliable schedules, outsourced labor, and damages to valuables, we’re on a mission to change the moving experience for the better!

The First Due Movers 6 Point Promise

First Due Movers was founded to close the gaps in quality and service known in the industry, using our former firefighter roots to develop a moving company that upholds the same values and dedication to the community. Our 6-Point Promise ensures professionalism, punctuality, and quality in all our moving services, guaranteeing the best start to your next venture.

1. We Allocate A Moving Team Based On Your Needs

With a 7-day-a-week operation, our team is available throughout your move to provide dedicated support and ensure confidence in your cross-country relocation. We review each customer on a case-by-case basis to match the skills of the FDM movers and drivers to the complexities of the move, with the same team by your side each mile of the journey ahead.

2. No OutSourced Labor

Our commitment to staff retention means the First Due Movers team is founded on some of the best movers and drivers in the industry! Using strict staff verification methods and assessments to review the skills of our team, we avoid outsourcing contractors or temporary labor in all long-distance moving services.

3. Firefighter Punctuality Guarantee

Punctuality is one of the ethos we carried with us from our firefighter roots – by guaranteeing the First Due Movers no-detour policy is applied to every move! We understand the importance of moving and relocation. Our drivers always stay on route, in the same vehicle (unless specified), without a need to off-load at warehouses or share with other customers – ensuring your belongings get where they need to be on time and safely. We recommend our specialized shipping services to make your experience more seamless.

4. Working With Your Schedule

We eliminate the stress of the moving process by working according to your schedule, ensuring each long-distance move is completed within a week of estimated delivery dates. Arrive at your next destination, ready to start your chapter, with a safe and punctual transit of equipment, furniture, and personal belongings.

5. Safety And Quality Assurance

Safe moving practices keep everyone safe – which is why we offer dedicated walk-throughs as standard in all moves before the big day. Our staff create a detailed map of the property, noting all obstacles and special requests. Room-by-room service is also available to assist with furniture placement at your final destination.

6. Dedicated Communication Every Mile

Stay up to date with the progress of your long-distance move with regular updates and communications from the First Due Movers Team. Starting with notification of our arrival at your pickup location to updates on the road and when we are close to your arrival destination.

Trust Transparent Pricing for Your Next Long-Distance Move

Pricing all the elements of a cross-country relocation can be difficult. We understand the necessity for customers to keep their moves to a budget, which is why we use clear, transparent pricing in all our invoicing and charge moves at a flat rate when exceeding 55 miles or more.

Fill in The Form To Get Started!

If you’re interested in partnering your long-distance move with the First Due Movers team, schedule a free onsite estimate to determine the costs of your next move fees and discuss any additional requirements for an accurate quote. Contact a representative or fill in our contact form to get started.

Your Security, Our Priority

Partner with Washington’s dedicated firefighter team, now operating as a long distance moving company, with expertise in local buildings and infrastructures to navigate apartments and houses of all sizes! As one of the top long distance moving companies in Sammamish, our team is specially trained to handle the complexities of longer relocations. Reduce the risk of damage to property and belongings with secure dismantling and reassembly at pick-up and arrival, ensuring that our long distance movers Sammamish team provides the most efficient and safest service possible.

Professional Packing For Moving Day

Our tried and tested packing technique has been proven to protect the most fragile of items, securing residential and commercial customers’ moves for miles ahead with efficient, time-saving packing methods.

Safety Assured Vehicles and Driver Team

All our vehicles and drivers are checked regularly to ensure they comply with the safety standards and regulations necessary for a long-distance move, including awareness of road conditions, vehicle stability, and weight for appropriate carrying of loads.

High-Quality Packing Materials and Boxes

The First Due Movers Team ensures all materials and boxes offered to our customers are sourced from reputable, high-quality suppliers, securing and protecting belongings during transit and in storage. We can also deliver materials directly to your door, for your convenience.

Damage Proof Moving Blankets

Reduce movement in transit, add support to your belongings, and prevent scratches during the loading process. Our First Due Movers Blankets are designed to keep your items secure and protected on the move while keeping your former and new property damage-free!

Our Full Range of Packing Supplies

We’ve been supplying residential and commercial movers of Sammamish and Washington with packing essentials for over 10 years. View a comprehensive list of all the packing supplies you’ll need for a cross-country move. Delivery is available directly to your door for convenience.

  • Packing tape
  • Painters tape
  • Mattress bags
  • Dish packs
  • Picture boxes
  • Wine boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Disposable furniture pads
  • Moisture-preventative padded paper
  • Ratchet straps

Top Ratings For Residential Cross-Country Moves

“This company absolutely blew me away! Not only did they follow up with me, but they showed up on time, with a courtesy call, were unbelievably respectful at all times, amazingly careful with all of my possessions, and simply polite. I was raised military where these things were a given. In my 60 years, I’ve become very disappointed in the people of our society. These guys gave me renewed faith. I took pictures of our furniture wrapped up and prepared to go on the truck. This was a day move and I’ve never seen any cross-country possessions treated with this much care. Thank you!”

Our customer feedback is testament the our high-quality residential and commercial moving services offered by the FDM team! Hear from our satisfied customers in across Sammamish and Washington.

Best Time For Your Sammamish Long Distance Move?

As experienced Washington movers, our local expertise and knowledge set us apart in the industry, offering solutions to seasonal changes, road networks, logistical challenges, and more!

Long Distance Movers Recommendations

If you’re considering a long-distance move from Sammamish, WA, we’d recommend choosing a day that works for you and your moving company, with a preference to slots outside of rush hour traffic in the city. May to September is a busy season for movers in Sammamish, so advanced bookings are preferred, although it’s always best to discuss your dates with the FDM team for guidance and see how we can best accommodate your schedule.

Changing Sammamish Long Distance Moving Services For The Better

Founded in 2010 by three former firefighters, First Due Movers brought 50 years of experience in fire service and 15 years of moving to develop a service dedicated to eliminating the stress of relocation. Specializing as one of the premier Sammamish long distance moving companies, our team understands the nuances of long distance moves. Led by active firefighters and dedicated owners, Jim, Joe, and Jeff, the FDM motto: ‘Firefighter Owned and Operated’ stands as a guarantee of the ethos of punctuality, customer safety, and professionalism that all our long-distance movers strive towards in our moving services. Whether it’s moving long distances or ensuring a seamless transition, our long distance movers Sammamish team are trained to handle every aspect of your move with utmost care.

Discover Our Comprehensive Moving Services

  • Residential Moves
  • Commercial Moves
  • Long-Distance Moves
  • Professional Packing Services
  • Furniture Donation/Disposal Moving Supplies
  • Moving Supplies

Nationwide Long Haul Moving Operations With Community Values

We’ve invested in high-quality materials, talented staff, and advancements in technology to transform an idea founded in a fire station into a 7-day-a-week operation! As one of the leading long distance moving companies, our dedicated team is equipped to move long distances with efficiency. With a service radius extending across Washington State and nationwide, our long distance movers and state movers specialize in handling your items with care. This approach continues to deliver the same community values and approach founded in the apparatus bay of Station 81.

5 Ways We’re Revolutionizing The Sammamish Long Distance Moving Company Industry!

  • Reducing our carbon footprint with electronic tablets and inventory apps
  • Supportive working environment, including medical, benefits and flexible schedules to retain talented staff in the industry
  • On-going work with the community in furniture and clothes donations
  • Strong logistical partnerships with local providers in our FDM network
  • Company owned vehicles and moving equipment for quality assurance

Get a Free Estimate For Long-Distance Moving Services

Whatever your reason for relocating from Sammamish, Washington, you can rest assured of a high-quality moving experience with the First Due Movers Team, a reputable long distance moving company. Start your first steps towards your new chapter with a free onsite estimate and quote from the team. As experienced long distance movers, we offer personalized moving packages, transparently priced with all the extras you’ll need to get on the road, from support with assembly to materials and packing services. Whether you’re moving across the state or across the coast, our state movers will work with you to ensure you have everything you need for a stress-free relocation from Sammamish. Get started.

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