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We’re strategically located to cater to the moving needs of the North West, offering safe and reliable long-distance moving services to new and current residents of Redmond City and Washington State.

We understand the challenges and logistics involved in a move, and we aim to provide you with a stress-free experience from start to finish. With our extensive knowledge of the city’s neighborhoods and roadways, we can efficiently navigate the streets and ensure your belongings are safely transported to your new home or office. This is what makes us the local movers Redmond residents trust.

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The First Due Movers team has proudly supported the moving needs of Redmond, Washington’s residential and commercial sectors since 2009, helping customers in the city move their valued belongings all across the state and cross-country.

High-quality Services For The Local Community

We support you with every mile covered, preparing your itiems for moving day with high-quality packing and dedicated walk-throughs, to assist you on arrival with regular communication and damage-free furniture assembly. If you’re based in Redmond or neighboring areas, partner your move with our team.

The Long-Distance Movers In Redmond With A Customized Plan Just For You

The First Due Movers Team is committed to upholding the standards from our firefighter roots, with safety and quality as the number one priority in the delivery of our services.

Total Confidence With Detailed Walk-Throughs and Inspections

We promise to keep your property and belongings damaged-free, offering innovative walk-throughs and inspections as standard in all moving services, creating a detailed map of the building to navigate the efficient moving process, and inventory app for accurate record-keeping.

Access A Range of Packing Materials And Supplies

Stock up for moving day with wrapping paper, tape, and boxes approved by the experts at First Due Movers. We supply eco-friendly fireboxes, reusable boxes, long-lasting boxes, and a range of packing supplies for your customized moving package. Find out more.

Professional Furniture Assembly and Re-assembly

Avoid injuring yourself, and let our moving pros handle your move. Our crews are equipped with the tools to dismantle and assemble beds, tables, exercise equipment, and many other items. Find out more.

Efficent Furniture Donation and Disposal

Sometimes, starting fresh can mean leaving old items behind. Save time with recycling and disposing of old furniture and belongings with our furniture donation and disposal service. We can also use a charity of your choice where applicable. Find out more.

We’re Changing Long Haul Moves For The Better

No matter the miles we cover, you can trust First Due Movers will provide a smooth, long-distance move, using our team’s expertise and many high-quality services to save you from any moving horror stories! To find out more about our extensive range of services, including local moves, labor hire, on-demand delivery, and more, visit our service pages.

Five-Star Long Haul Movers

“I moved from PA to WA using First Due Movers. The communication was good during the whole process, the quote was very clear, and the amount charged was fair. They are experienced enough to know how many people and hours are needed and how the whole process would work. In the end, the job was finished way faster than planned, and I paid way less. My husband and I felt very welcomed to WA thanks to them.” – Danielle

Our positive testimonials and feedback reflect the high-quality moval services offered by the First Due Movers team, ensuring the start of your next chapter is as stress-free as possible. Find out more.

We’re Long Distance Movers Redmond Depends On

Relocating cross-country can be a daunting experience, which is why we use innovative solutions to ensure you have a stress-free start to your next venture. With over 10 years of experience working with Washington residents and businesses on their moving needs, we’ve learned all the crucial elements required to ensure a successful transit. Our long-distance moving services cover all the complexities that arise through every mile, offering reliable pick-up and delivery times from point A to B, efficient furniture assembly, and a professional driver team to keep your belongings safe on the road.

Plan Your Next Residental Or Commercial Long-Distance Move

If you’re interested in discussing the fundamentals of your next venture but are unsure where to start, fill out our contact form or call our office for an efficient cross-country move arranged by the experts. Get in touch.

Tried and Tested! Space-Saving Solutions For Long Distance Moves

Struggling to leave treasured items behind? We’ve got you covered with our high-quality storage solutions. Minimize space without sacrificing cherished items with our space-saving packing solutions.

The First Due Movers 1# Recommendation

Strong, versatile, and with a stackable structure for safety and convenience, our fireboxes offer an efficient packing solution for carrying items securely in moval vehicles and storing them at your next property until it’s time to start unpacking.

Changing Redmond Long Distance Moving Services For The Better

Founded by three Firefighters, First Due Movers is built on a commitment to safety, high-quality experience, and punctuality that drives our emergency services. Bringing the experience and dedication of volunteer firefighters and EMTs, we’ve developed our First Due Movers 6 Point Promise to ensure the ethos of the firefighter’s roots is delivered in all our moving services.

The First Due Movers 6 Point Promise

1. Same Dedicated Team Supporting Your Move

We carefully allocate our moving team based on your individual needs, ensuring they can support you every mile of the journey. This means you’ll have the same team working with you from start to finish for total confidence in your move.

2. Recruiting The Best Movers In Washington

Our commitment to staff retention enables us to recruit some of the best long-distance movers in Washington State, with strict and comprehensive verification and staff assessments so you can rest assured our team is ready for the job. All our staff work directly for the First Due Movers company, with no outsourced contracts or temporary labor. To make your moving process as easy as possible, we recommend using our packing and storage services. Additionally, our shipping solutions are designed to efficiently handle your relocation needs.

3. Firefighter Punctaility Guarantee

Punctuality is one of the ethos we carried with us from our firefighter roots – by guaranteeing the First Due Movers no-detour policy is applied to every move! As one of the reliable long distance moving companies Redmond can trust, we understand the importance of moving and relocation. Our drivers always stay on route, in the same vehicle (unless specified), without a need to off-load at warehouses or share with other customers – ensuring your belongings get where they need to be on time and safely. We recommend our specialized shipping services to make your experience more seamless.

4. Commitment To Your Schedule

Timing is everything on moving day – which is why we ensure all our services align as closely as possible with your deadlines and schedule. From your first contact with our friendly team, we’ll note all the crucial elements and dates required to ensure a successful move, avoiding the delays that lead to cross-country disasters. Our estimated delivery times are typically no longer than a week for all long-distance moves.

5. Detailed Pre-Move Inspections

Our detailed walk-throughs are offered as standard with all moves, including all long-distance customers. As one of the premier long-distance moving companies, we ensure a smooth moving and relocation process. Using a detailed map of your property – created by a professional member of the team, we note all obstacles, special requests, and potential damages or delays before moving day. We recommend our shipping services to make your transition easier. Room-by-room service is also available to assist with furniture placement at your final destination.

6. High-Quality Communication And Updates

Long haul moves, a significant part of our services as one of the leading long-distance moving companies, are one of the more extensive services we offer, with a large distance to cover over several days on the road. Our experience in the industry has taught us communication is crucial for customers during this period of moving and relocation, which is why we offer regular updates before arrival, at pick-up, and close to your arrival destination. We recommend considering our additional shipping services to make your move more efficient.

Transparent Pricing for All Long-Distance Moves

Our moving team, comprising of long distance movers Redmond citizens can count on to be professional, understands all the complexities you need to consider for a long-distance move, providing a free, itemized plan of your services with us and all estimated costs. As a reputable long-distance moving company, we’re committed to transparency in our moving services. All our long-distance moves, a significant part of our relocation services, are charged at a flat rate when exceeding 55 miles or more, calculated by the mileage of the move and the volume of goods transported. This approach sets us apart from other long-distance moving companies. Contact our team today to schedule your free onsite estimate to determine pricing, including assistance in assembly, packing, and supply of materials. Get a quote.

Top Tips Professional Long Distance Moving Companies Use

As experts in the moving industry, our enhanced knowledge and training sets us apart from the competition. Browse our helpful guide below, which covers some of the essentials to ensure smooth sailing from the professional First Due Movers team.

Weight restrictions may apply to some of our vehicles, which can be discussed at the time of your quote with us. A smaller load will require fewer packing boxes, less tape, and a reduced time spent loading and unloading, which means downsizing your belongings is always recommended before a big move cross-country. Consider items in disrepair or that may be fragile to the moving process if you are struggling to decide on what to take with you.

Being organized for moving day can help you minimize the risk of running out of time before our team of long distance movers arrives for pick-up. As a professional long-distance moving company, we understand that problems can arise throughout the process of moving and relocation. If you’re struggling with packing or require advice on the process – our team, one of the leading long-distance moving companies, is always on hand to support you. We can also pack your property for you! Please contact us before moving day if you require this service.

Box labeling is just as important for our long distance movers Redmond team as it is for you, so we always encourage you to use labels where possible. As a professional team among long-distance moving companies, we understand the significance of an organized relocation. Indicating the room the contents belong in, if the item is fragile, can help our moving team best place your boxes at your new destination; it will also save you time trying to find the essentials (such as the coffee machine) the morning after a busy moving day!

Ensuring all dates line up perfectly is the hardest part of a long-distance move. As professional long distance movers, our team will work hard to stick to delivery times, understanding the complexities of moving cross-country. This is why our dedicated customer support team is always available to discuss any issues with moving schedules to best accommodate your needs. Partnering with reliable long-distance moving companies like us can significantly ease the stress of relocation.

Five-Star Feedback From Loyal Moving Customers

“We’ve used First Due Movers three times in the last 2 or so years, and they are awesome. The last move was a long haul, and the three young men who made our move were professional, polite, knowledgeable, and just all-around great guys. Even when they were done unloading their truck of all my stuff, they took the initiative to pitch in and help me unload stuff out of my vehicle. If you have to move, First Due Movers is the only way to go.” – Richard

Read our testimonials to discover how we’ve successfully gone the distance in our long-haul moving services.

Plan Your Long-Distance Move From Redmond

.l.The start of the next chapter may be daunting, but the road ahead can be an exciting one with the First Due Movers team. We’re professionals in long-distance, cross-country moving services for residential and commercial customers, getting your safe belongings from point A to B on a reliable, accurate schedule. As a trusted long distance moving company, we ensure a smooth transition for all your items. Our dedicated team is here to assist those looking for long distance movers in Redmond, WA. Contact us today for a free estimate and plan your moving day with the support of our expert team.